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Wine Club Shipment Schedule - 2023


  • Credit Cards Charged: January 1st
  • Packages Shipped: January 4th
  • Will-Call Packages Available: January 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Returned to Stock February 12th

MARCH 2023

  • Credit Cards Charged: March 1st
  • Packages Shipped: March 7th
  • Will-Call Packages Available: March 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Retuned to Stock: April 12th

MAY 2023

  • Credit Cards Charged: May 1st
  • Packages Shipped: May 4th 
  • Will-Call Packages Available: May 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Returned to Stock: June 12th

JULY 2023

  • Credit Cards Charged: July 1st
  • Packages Shipped: July 6th
  • Will-Call Packages Available: July 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Returned to Stock:  August 12th


  • Credit Cards Charged: September 1st
  • Packages Shipped: September 5th
  • Will-Call Packages Available: September 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Returned to Stock: October 12th 


  • Credit Cards Charged: November 1st
  • Packages Shipped: November 3rd
  • Will-Call Packages Available: November 1st
  • Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Will be Returned to Stock: December 12th


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